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About Visible

Visible Assets, Inc. (Visible™) is a US company with offices in Stratham, New Hampshire; Toronto, Canada; San Jose, California. Visible sells high security, mission critical asset visibility networks, based on our wireless technology known as RuBee™. RuBee provides low cost, long-life, low power, wireless, active asset and people tags that work in harsh environments. RuBee based visibility networks offer high intrinsic safety and high security. Visible enterprise software systems rubee.io use Oracle 11G Dot-Tag™ and 20/20™ visibility engines that “virtualize” any RuBee enabled asset network of tags into a real-time visibility database and web enabled visibility application. 20/20 applications can be quickly built on the rubee.io visibility platform, to create a real-time visibility network on top of the Dot-Tag/RuBee network. Rubee.io and Dot-Tag both use Oracle or open source embedded database products. Visible sells visibility networks through industry-focused partners in a variety of markets including, high security government, high security commercial, aerospace, mission critical tooling, weapons, sensitive item authentication, and mobile assets used in the oil and gas industry. RuBee is protected by 42 issued US and many foreign patents and approximately 85 additional pending US and foreign patents, all owned by Visible.

Over the last five years Visible has installed over 1,200 active in-use worldwide, RuBee sites. They have all been problem free with 100% read accuracy with many repeat orders.