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Visible 20/20 solution products are fully integrated visibility networks.

They include RuBee component products, integrated into the rubee.io platform, Oracle 11g, Dot-Tag middleware and a web based 20/20 applications. We call our apps 20/20 because we take full responsibility for both the first 20 feet and the last 20 feet.

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Armory 20/20 is an integrated, Weapons Visibility Network, based on RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) magnetic wireless tags. 1. RuBee tags are securely embedded in each weapon. 2. Stored on RuBee enabled Smart Racks. 3. Managed by advanced rubee.io software systems.
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Allegro 20/20 is a RuBee enabled weapons shot counting (WSC) tag, with NIST sensors; high performance state machine based on two full custom chips; a ruggedized hand held (the pRap) tag reader based on the Apple iTouch; and integrated application software that provides real-time advanced weapons maintenance, diagnostics and health care.
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Store 20/20 is an integrated RuBee Visibility Network based on IEEE 1902.1 wireless systems and provide real-time visibility, security, audit trails and accountability Sensitive Item Stores. RuBee is the only wireless visibility technology that has a zero Safe Separation Distance (SSD) on fused ordnance based on the US Department of Defense HERO testing program. Store 20/20 provides visibility and security for any sensitive item store.
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DoorGuard xP + Alert 20/20 -- DoorGuard xP is a standalone RuBee wireless cell phone, laptop, and sensitive item, secure area exit/entry detection solution. It detects RuBee tagged assets entering or exiting a portal - a door. Alert 20/20 is an optional networked DoorGuard management application, provides audits and history of exits and entries. DoorGuard xP and RuBee has reduced accidental cell phone entry, in installed sites by over 98%. With optional external antennas it can virtually eliminate any risk of accidental sensitive item entry. Visible has over 200 DoorGuards installed worldwide.