Visible Assets, Inc. Intellectual Property (IP) and Licensing Program

Let Us Help You Build a RuBee Business

We see new RuBee application ideas everyday, but Visible Assets is focused on our core business Defense/Industrial Internet of Things, and Factory 4.0 opportunities and not able to pursue new ideas. Our plan: Expand into these new opportunities via our licensing program. Visible has many active license agreements under IEEE 1902.1 with start-ups (e.g. Eagle Eye) and large multinationals (e.g. Lockheed Martin).

Visible Assets has over one hundred ninety (190) issued and published US and foreign patents that provide broad protection for RuBee; any IEEE 1902.1 compliant device; or any 1 Mhz or lower, digital near-field magnetic wireless transceiver. The Visible Assets IP licensing program offers multiple options to a prospective licensee.   The IP license can optionally include a product supply agreement including integrated circuits, finished tags, routers, BlueFin (our router kernel) and RuBee IO (our application platform see
RuBee IO).

Alternatively, the IP license can include additional rights to design and also manufacture RuBee custom integrated circuits, routers, router kernel and systems software. Visible optionally provides licensees with schematics and design support from our staff physicists and engineering team. Our design team, driven by fundamental physics, and analog design, have developed a library of Spice and MATLAB models which can be made available depending upon the requirements of a prospective licensee. Our team has pioneered advanced digital, near-field magnetic designs since 1982, with over 100 years combined experience. All of the Visible integrated circuits are full analog custom designs, with extraordinarily low power consumption. 

Visible is committed to continuous investment in a broad-based R&D with a strong IP portfolio for both the RuBee technology and RuBee applications. Visible has a full-time patent lawyer on staff.

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