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PRESS RELEASE October 5, 2010

Visible Assets, Inc. is Awarded a $5 Million, Five Year Contract For Weapon Shot Counters From Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division.

Visible Assets, Inc. to Supply NSWC with Secure RuBee, IEEE 1902.1 Wireless Weapon Shot Counting Tags, That Provide Preventive Maintenance, Diagnostics and Optimized Health Care for Combat Carbines.

STRATHAM, NH, October 5, 2010 Visible Assets, Inc.(VISIBLE™) today announced that it has been awarded a five (5) year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for a maximum of US$5 million for RuBee™ shot counter tags. The contract was awarded based on Request For Proposal N0016410RJN87 “Weapon Shot Counter” (WSC), from Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division, to procure Weapon Shot Counter for the Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR)/MK16/MK 17 rifle and M4. The WSC are intended to provide overall weapon maintenance and the prevention of catastrophic weapon failures. An initial $637,563.00 Purchase Order was placed for RuBee Ruggedized HandHeld Readers and RuBee shot counter tags.

VISIBLE has developed a family of shot counter tags for a variety of weapons. These tags include highly secure two way wireless RuBee data links, as well as, custom sensors and high gain, dynamic amplification CMOS technology. The tags are based on several custom integrated circuits designed by VISIBLE. These unique chip designs help reduce power consumption so the tags have a minimum five year battery life to a maximum fifteen year battery life in normal field use, with conventional coin size Li batteries. Long battery life wireless tags make it possible to permanently seal tags into a MIL-STD-810G rugged package. The advanced state machine CPU contained in the tags is capable of providing complex real-time signal processing, waveform analysis, round interval statistics and a programmable predictor of barrel wear based on barrel temperature histograms. Independent tests of the VISIBLE shot counter have consistently shown a 99% or better accuracy in basic shot counting mode.

John K. Stevens, CEO of Visible Assets, Inc. said, “This award represents an important milestone for our company. We have made a major investment in this technology and have worked hard over last several years to meet the high standards set by the US military for a combat based weapon shot counter. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the experts at Crane as a result of the award. This award will help optimize our current weapon shot counting tag with many additional battlefield features so we can improve safety, reliability and performance of mission critical weapons used by our troops”

The same shot counting tags also support full weapon visibility networks within any armory. Armory 20/20™, the VISIBLE automated armory system, provides real-time secure, fully automated weapons inventory, weapons issuance check in/out with full exit/entry management and weapons pedigree. RuBee armory networks provide high security with no significant eavesdropping, tempest, or target risk. RuBee is the only wireless technology that has been approved for use in secure areas within the United States. VISIBLE offers a number of automated armory visibility products and systems (
www.rubee.com/Armory), including Smart Storage Racks, GateGuard™, DoorGuard™ and Oracle based software application modules to manage multiple site armories. Armory 20/20 RuBee wireless networks have been installed and are in routine use in many US armories for over two years.

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About Visible Assets, Inc.

Visible Assets, Inc. is a privately held US company, based in Stratham, New Hampshire. Visible Assets designs, manufactures, and supports RuBee wireless real-time asset visibility solutions and networks based on the IEEE 1902.1 standard. Visible Assets provides integrated visibility solutions for a variety of markets though RuBee application partners, including Epson and National Oilwell Varco, and Oracle. RuBee Visibility Networks are installed and working in numerous commercial facilities and government sites. Visible Assets, Inc. has an active RuBee licensing program.

Company Contacts:

John Stevens, CEO

Craig Weich, Executive VP